Distribution Transformers

single phase oil filled distribution transformers

Single Phase Oil Filled Distribution Transformers- We manufacture these transformers with robust cylindrical construction Pole Mounted Type from 5 KVA to 25 KVA. The frequency is 50 Hz while the core used is CRGO or Amorphous. The manufacturing material is either Aluminum or Copper while the installation can be indoors as well as outdoors. The salient features of the Single Phase Oil Filled Distribution Transformers are:

  • Robust design to prevent frequent short circuit
  • Superior quality and craftsmanship
  • Best quality raw material for maintenance free life
  • Developed with CRGO Core with low losses
  • Manufactured with Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines

three phase oil filled distribution transformers

Three Phase Oil Filled Distribution Transformers - We have been manufacturing these transformers for more than a couple of decades now in range of 10 KVA to 2500 KVA with Aluminum and Copper wound. With standard frequency set at 50 Hz and Copper & Aluminum as primary materials, our transformers are IS 1180 Part - 1/IS 2026/IEC 60076 with ratings from 11 & 33 KV 3 Phase upto 2500 KVA. The core can be fitted as per the customer requirements, either CRGO or Amorphous. The customers can also a few optional fittings which are mentioned below:

  • Terminal connectors
  • Tapping Switch (OLTC)
  • Arcing Horns
  • Lightning Arrester & Self-protection system with MCCB HV fuse
  • Oil Immersed Circuit Breaker

Power Transformers

power transformers

The manufacturing of Power Transformers has also been our forte from the previous 25 years or so. We develop 33/11 KV Power Transformers upto 10 MVA ratings as per the need of the customers. All the units are manufactured with CRGO Silicon Steel annealed laminations which are imported from outside while EC Grade Copper or Aluminum is also used. In order to maximize safety and durability, immensely safe flux densities and current densities are employed for designing purposes. As per IS 6600directions, sufficient cooling ducts and radiators are put in place to check on overloads while all windings are fully ampere-turn balanced as well. The power transformers are also equipped with either Off Load Tap Switch (OLTP) or On Load Tap Charger (OLTC), as per the preference of the client. The optional fittings in Power Transformers include Lightning Arrester & Tap Charger with Off Load or On Load.

Special Transformers

special transformers

Special application transformer, 3 phase and single phase transformer

  • Converter transformer
  • Inverter transformer
  • Solar transformer
  • Sub-station transformer
  • Non Standard distribution transformers
  • Tailor made transformers

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