Giving Back with Humility

Serving Societies

Mangal Group continually strives to contribute more to creating a stronger, healthier, educated society. Supporting the education of underprivileged children is one of the many efforts we make as a socially responsible corporate organization. The vision is broader, and under the leadership of Aniket Mangal, we are consistently moving ahead.
We support education through JAN JAGRATI SEVARTH SANSTHAN and Shri Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Shiksha Samiti. We are also associated with Zarurat Foundation to strengthen marginalized communities. It is an ongoing commitment to our spirit of sharing and caring.
We provide Strong Financial and Infrastructural support by focusing primarily on Enhancement Programs.
Mangal Electrical Industries Private Limited intends to touch a billion lives by reaching out to people from every walk of life.

Enriching Ecosystems

Helping nations meet their energy needs while significantly reducing environmental impact is challenging. We are aware of the dangers ecosystem destruction can bring. Therefore, numerous ecological protection and restoration initiatives were executed to create greener landscapes, increase land fertility and safeguard niche biodiversity.

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