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Always institutionalised the highest standards of ethical and transparent governance.

Mangal Group is an ISO – 9001:2015 certified Power and Transmission Company offering first-rate services to clients across the globe. Our prime focus is Lighting Up Lives!


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Since its inception, the organization has provided exclusive transformer accessories, helping industries with an uninterrupted power supply.

industry and an annual production capacity of 40,000 Metric Tons, Mangal Group is one of the most reputed and renowned Power and Transmission companies in India. Spread across 1 lakh sq. meters, the seven state-of-the-art production facilities provide a livelihood to over 1000 people. We believe it’s our privilege and responsibility to help others to our total capacity. For us, business profits are just a part of the panoramic view that integrates other crucial aspects, such as people and the planet.

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We have been leading CRGO and transformer accessory manufacturing and distribution for nearly four decades. Ours is a world-class CRGO/

Amorphous Distribution & Power Transformer portfolio that includes transformer laminations, build core and core assembly, wound core, toroidal core, and CRGO slit coils. The organization also leads the industry with the most efficient distribution and power transformers. We have pioneered the manufacturing of Amorphous for distribution transformers and produce the finest quality Internal Circuit Breakers.

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As a socially and environmentally responsible organization, we count every day as an incredible opportunity to help elevate the lives of our stakeholders.

From empowering our people to serving the communities and restoring the ecosystems, we consciously work in all verticals while adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance. Along with our products and services, our well-planned and comprehensive socio-environmental projects help us accomplish our value-driven goals. From creating greener facilities to adopting green processes, solar power plants, water conservation, sourcing locally, optimizing logistics, and maximizing recycling, we try to stay ethical and responsible in everything we do.

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Knowledgeable Team


Our Leaders

Rahul Mangal Managing Director,MEIPL

"I promise that we will serve with humility and transparency. Always adhering to the idea of 'making a difference with quality of our products' across the globe."

OMPAL Sharma President,MEIPL

"We have consistently worked hard for over half a century to help the power and transmission industry streamline power generation and distribution. We will continue doing the same by adding more sustainable, innovative, robust, and cost-effective solutions to our portfolio. Our vision is to build a socio-environmentally supportive legacy for the future generation."

Ramnath Ramaswamy Vice President,MEIPL

"MEIPL is one of India’s leading power and transmission companies today. The organization has achieved this level by remaining focused on its vision of being the driving force for the new era of sustainable progress. In 50 years, the organization became the brand for high-quality equipment, solutions, and services across the global power and energy transmission industry. And we adhere to an innovative, all-inclusive development model that continuously contributes towards the betterment of GenNext while significantly reducing carbon footprints."

Mr. Aniketa Mangal Business Head,MEIPL

"Our mission is to achieve new heights of excellence by delivering the best products and services, creating an exemplary work culture, and setting global benchmarks. Ours is a cohesive environment that cultivates cooperative association with employees, partners, and stakeholders. And we'll continue enriching lives and empowering communities to contribute to nation-building."

Ram Kishan Bairwa Executive Driector, MEIPL

"With successful accomplishments of EPC projects, MEIPL has built its credibility as a trusted solution provider for Engineering, Procurement & Construction services. We aim to assist global clients with our competitive and qualitative edge."

Sanjay Rai Head HR

“The human resource department at MEIPL is committed to providing prompt, courteous, quality standards and procedures to our workforce and clients. We strive to add value to everything we do. Internal promotions, employee welfare programs, and talent acquisitions with rewards and recognition are all part of our ethical practices that help us create a family of dedicated, reliable and talented human resources.”


Company Roadmap


To be the driving force for a new era of sustainable development, growth, and productivity. We aim to be a world-class power and transmission leader that significantly contributes to nation-building and enriching lives.


Under the supervision of Mr. Rahul Mangal (Founder and Managing Director), we strive to establish ourselves as the leading CRGO and Transformer accessory manufacturer and distributor across the globe. We advocate energy saving through constant innovation and customization of our products.


We value commitment and trust at all levels and deliver the same to our stakeholders and clients. Ours is a promise to adhere to the highest industry and business standards while embracing new ideas and innovation.

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