Magnetic core

Magnetic core

Transformer Laminations:

The core of the transformer is used to carry magnetic flux from primary winding to secondary winding. In this process some unwanted current (Eddy currents) are developed in the core, which is responsible for heat losses in the core. To increase the efficiency of the transformer it is necessary that there should be maximum flux linkage from primary to the secondary and losses minimized. This is done by using  Magnetic core  Lamination for construction of the core.


Processing of Transformer lamination requires high degree of precision for which highly customized CNC machine are required. We at MEIPL have State of the art ISO-9001: 2015 certified facility at Reengus with 32300 Sq feet area. We have 7 CNC machines 5 from SDRI & 2 MTM for processing Transformer Lamination


Our CNC Cut to Length machines are able to process lamination in various shapes and sizes with 90°/75°/45° angle cutting. The lamination can be cut to different dimension ranging from 25 mm to 1050 mm width and 100 mm to 5000 mm

We can process transformer lamination in the below form

Build Transformer Core & Core Assembly:

We are the manufacturers of complete Magnetic core Assembly for the Distribution and Power transformers of upto 20 MVA. The Core Assembly is extensively tested for no load losses while they are packed with utmost care and are ready for insertion of LV and HV coils. By choosing Mangal for Core Assembly, you save a lot in labour cost and wastage of material. With the latest testing facility and modern infrastructure, we guarantee No LOAD LOSS.

Wound Core:

The manufacturing of strips wound cores is a specialized process, which requires a high degree of precision. These cores are manufactured from selected coils of  Magnetic core  electrical steel to yield closely controlled electro-magnetic characteristics and dimensional accuracy. Cores are wound as loops (two halves with overlapping ends joined together to form loop in multiple layers of the wound core) after slitting is done as per the required shape depending upon the rating and specification of the transformer on design parameters on the Unicore wound making machines. The Machine automatically stops when the pre-decided dimension is reached. The cores are stress-relief annealed to restore the magnetic properties. The cores are bonded where necessary, to provide increased firmness.

Toroidal Cores:

We are highly experienced and proficient in the manufacturing and supply of a wide variety of Toroidal Core. The core is developed by our experts with the use of high grade  Magnetic core  steel and the most recent technology. The toroidal core is used for controlling the heavy loss in electrical devices while also helping in the reduction of high current. It is rigorously tested for various quality check parameters before offering it in both specific and customised options as per the wish of our customers. The Toroidal Cores manufactured at Mangal have four unique qualities: High Strength, Compact Design, Corrosion resistance and Highly Durable.

Magnetic Core Slit Coils:

We offer the slitting of  Magnetic core  coils as in various widths as per the customer requirement. The major objective is to deliver the best possible quality with ideal accuracy, right from the slitting stage. In fact we guarantee maximum 10 micron burr as the slitting process of coils is carried out in our new state-of-the-art CNC Slitting line. The slitting range is from 25m to 1100mm.


The amorphous is a non-crystal substance created by rapidly freezing liquids of high temperature. Because there is no rule of atomic arrangement, the energy loss (hysteresis loss) is small when the flux of magnetic induction passes the iron core. In addition, eddy current loss is decreased because the thickness is approximately 0.03 mm, which is about 1/10 comparing with silicon steel. Therefore, the no load loss (eddy current loss and hysteresis loss) can be decreased to about 1/5 of silicon steel. In transformers with amorphous cores, ribbon of amorphous steel is wound to form the core.

Mangal Electrical produces high quality amorphous distributed gap (wound) cores according to Customer specification for single phase and three phase distribution transformer applications By using Metglas® amorphous metal. Epoxy coating is applied to the some parts of the cores in order to get mechanical rigidity.

The coils are easy to assemble with bonded edges for core integrity and transformer reliability. The magnetic field is annealing for stress relief and magnetic property optimization, while the cores are 100 percent tested to prevent consistent transformer loss performance.

Coil Technology plays a key role in the production of cost effective AMTs. The materials and processes are focused on maximum performance and minimum quantities. The high axial and radial fill factors minimize conductor and core costs, while maximizing short circuit strength. It also precisely gives dimensional control during winding and finishing to minimize coil clearances.

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