Precision & Innovation

Mangal Group Pvt. Ltd. is one among the national leadership¬†of it’s
business, being the quality supplier of CRGO Electrical Lamination
products & Manufacturers of distribution transformers upto 3.15 MVA

Team Work

Group export figure exceeds 6.3 million USD covering Middle
East and Asia. More than 250 employees are on roll in Group

15 Years of Experience

Mangal Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd. came into force in the year 1990.
Involved in the line of production at present -CRGO – Electrical Laminations
Slitting Coils, Cut Laminations and Job Assemblies, Wound Cores both for Single
Phase as well as Three Phase Transformers and Torroidal Cores and Conductors.



Mangal Group Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide high quality
CRGO Electrical Laminations, Transformers Core and Core
Assemblies & Conductors to its customers and ensures continual
improvement in it’s products, processes, systems and customers satisfaction.