November 09, 2021

The Amorphous Core is a soft magnetic material. It is produced through the advanced technology of rapid solidification of molted metal. It consists stacks of laminations that are made from silicon steel. Amorphous core contains excellent magnetic properties, mechanical properties, high electrical resistivity, and electromechanical properties.


Amorphous cores are widely used in electrical power system such as distribution transformers and inductive devices because of low core loss. It has an attractive core contained ferromagnetic shapeless metal alloyed. This lace of steel is twisted to shape the core of the transformer. The material utilized as a part of amorphous core transformers has high attractive vulnerability, low connectivity, and high electrical resistance.


  • Highly Power Efficient / High Electrical Resistance: The core material has high magnetic susceptibility, very low coercivity, and high electrical resistance. The high resistance and thin foils leads to low losses. On the downside, amorphous core have a lower saturation induction.
  • Solid and Strong Structure: Amorphous Core has high strength. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as rapidly cooling from the molten state.
  • Intelligence Protection : Advances in electrification have led to the greater efficiencies in a whole range of new market solutions. Existing core magnetics material often struggles to dissipate less power with high flux density and low coercivity.
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  • High saturation magnetic induction, which reduces the core volume: Amorphous cores allow smaller, lighter, and more energy efficient. These cores are produced in using a rapid solidification technology when molten metal is cast into thin solid ribbons by cooling.
  • The rectangular structure is the advantage for the coil assembly.
  • Low loss, Reduces temperature rise: The Amorphous Core will tend to be less expensive and have low losses, smaller physical size, and better heat dissipation.
  • Excellent temperature stability from 55 to 130 degrees for long spam: The cores made of amorphous ribbons which are superimposed and immersed in epoxy resin in a vacuum. The core of the laminated sheet can work for a long time below 155 degrees. The amorphous core has high curie temperature, magnetic permeability, magnetic saturation induction strength and low eddy current loss.

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